Collaboration with private and public sector banks

Loan Shoan is an RBI-registered non-deposit-taking systemically important NBFC.

Loan Shoan is a well-known Company that has successfully helped many people to get house loans from private or public sector banks in Rohtak. More than 1500 candidates received personal loans, business loans, and other types of financing. Loan Shoan has structured to be an aggregator among all NBFC loan providers in Rohtak since its inception in 2018. Loan Shoan is ideally positioned to usher in a new era in the lending business in Rohtak under the leadership of Mr.Hitesh Narang and in conjunction with major private and government sector banks in Rohtak.

The Company's
Credit Ratings

In the short term:
CARE Ratings has granted a CARE A1+ (A one Plus) rating to our planned Commercial Paper programme. Issuers with this grade are thought to provide the highest level of security in terms of timely servicing of financial commitments.
Long term:
CARE Ratings has assigned a long-term rating of CARE A (Outlook: Stable) to the company's planned bank loans and Non-Convertible Debenture programme. Issuers with this grade are deemed to have a sufficient degree of safety in terms of prompt servicing of financial obligations. Such instruments have a minimal credit risk.
Subjects of Interest
Loan Shoan is a consumer finance-focused diversified NBFC. The company has already begun to create a sizable book of business loans. Consumer Finance activities are slated to commence in the top cities nearby in Rohtak. The goal of Consumer Finance is to provide a better customer experience while applying for a loan and during the loan's life. The Loan Against Property, Business Loan, Home Loan,and Personal Loan sectors comprise the Consumer Finance portfolio.

Why You Choose Us?


Quickest loan

We release loans in 30 minutes if we get the relevant paperwork from you right away.


Documentation is

You may get your loan accepted with a bank statement, KYC, and a few basic facts.


Process that is safe and secure

We are an RBI-regulated Non-Banking Finance Company, therefore your trip with us will be

Housing loan eligibility is determined by the individual's income and repayment capacity (s). Other criteria that influence loan eligibility include age, financial situation, credit history, credit score, other financial responsibilities, and so on. To know more call us today.
You should apply for a house loan once you have saved enough money for the needed down payment on a property. When applying for a house loan, the maximum loan to value ratio (LTV) of the property is 90%. To know more call us today.
The market value of land, also known as the guidance value of a property, is the estimated worth of the land based on data kept by the relevant state government. It is also known as the circle rate in some jurisdictions and is the lowest valuation at which a property transaction can be recorded with the state government. To know more call us today.
Once you are ready with all your income proofs and other documentations asked by our advisor we can simply initiate the application process. To know more call us today.
It depends on the loan amount, loan term & loan type so to know more just call us today and speak to our loan advisors.

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